Its My Time

Its My Time

Monday, August 2, 2010

AR. Mixtape

RichLife Arist : AR. Mixtape "Potty Mouth"

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

New Song

"Big Money"

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Read This

Interview With Music Journalist:
Brittney Hawthorne

So Clips First Off Im a Big Fan Of Your Music Ive Been Waitin To Get This Interview With You So To the People Who Are Not Familar With You Yett Tell Them About You

Well Im From the Bronx, Parkchester To Be Exact I Rap, I Write Poems, Im A Graphic Designer & Also A Video Designer In Training.

Ok So Ive Listened To the Song "Flashing Fevers" Which Included The Artist AR. & Jparks And I Was Wondering Did You Have Any Female In Mind When You When You Wrote Your Verse to the Song?.

Nah Not Even It Was More Like I Take Everything I Watch & Go Through And Put It On Paper So In that Song I Was Speaking on How A Average Man Will Feel If His Females Always Upset About Everything & Doesnt Trust Him & Ect

Oh Alright Cool. So What Was Your Favorite Line From Everyones Verse On That Song If You Have One?.

Well For My Verse It Was "Why You Upset And Them Tears Falling?, Being Mad a Sin Baby You Should Stay Away From Square Gardens" I Jus Felt It was Real and Very Creative. For J.parks Verse My Favorite Line Was "I Try To Pay Attention But I Cant Afford The Price, When You Flying Off the Handle w/ Out Willie'in A Bike" & For AR.'s Verse My Line Was "His And Hers Vinal Furs You Could Of Been a MRS., But Love is A Battlefield For Anybody Who's In It".

Oh Well Yall Are Very Talented And Have Different Styles. Are You All In a Rap Group.

Well We All Apart Of the Same Ent. Called Rich Life And Or Rich Lifamilia

Does The Group Consist Of You Three.

No Its Me, J.parks, AR., & Spades We Are The Primary Artist Of the Group But We Got A Decent Team Thats Consist Of Models, Promoters, Singers and Ect.

Oh Okay Any Projects Currently Being Worked On?.

Well Ofcourse Im Working On My Solo Mixtape "The Medicine Cabinet", J.parks Is Working On a EP, AR's About To Drop His Mixtape "Potty Mouth" Along With Spades Mixtape "Music To My Ears"..And Me Parks and AR Are About to Drop a 3 Man Mixtape Called "Presidential Suite" Which Was Been Due But I Believe Everyone Will Enjoy Everything We Put Out and I'll Be Sure To Give You Copies Of Each Tape.

Well Thank You!. It Seems Yall Are Headed In the Right Direction. Sounds Like Success Is Near. So How Do You Feel About Artist They Say Are Killing Hip Hop with Dance Music & Wack Lyrics

Honestly I Dont Feel Like Any Artist is Killing Hip Hop I Feel Music Is What You Make It. We Dont All Have to Rap The Same Because We All Arent The Same. So French Montana Can Rap About Cocaine and Gettin Money, Soulja Boy Can Rap About His Swag, JayZ Can Rap About His Success Because they All Going through Different Courses in Life. To Me Rap Is Like Basketball We Cant All Be Micheal Jordans But Everyone Does They Own Thing That Keeps The Game Alive.

Point Taken!. & Question I Always Ask Arist If You Could Pick a Label To Get Signed To Which Label Would It Be? & If You Had To Put Out a Album In 2months What Would Be The Name And What Would Be the Message You Try to Convey through out The Album?

Def Jam Jus Seems Like Home For NY Artist So I Would Have To Say Def Jam & I Would Probably Call My Album "The Art Of Music" The Message Will  be You Cant Judge Anyone By They're Cover Alone Because To See Me You'll Think One Thing But To Truly Know The Music Side of Me Is Something Amazing.

Ok Sounds Great. So Anything Else You Want To Let The Readers and Fans Know?

Just Support Me And Dont Just Hear My Music Listen to It And Enjoy It

Ok & Tell Everyone How They can Contact You.

Twitter: RichLifeCLIPS , Myspace Dont Matter No More So Contact Me Through Email & If You Want to Do The Web Cam Thing My Oovoo Is Soft_Lips_Clips

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Twitter @UNeedSha

Beauty To The Eye

You Look Like That,
Gorgeous Magazine Girl...
You Look Like That,
Top Model Plasma Screen Girl..
You Look Like That,
Pretty Face i See When I Have a Dream Girl..
Someone I Hate Leavin When I Wake Up From The Dream World..
Its More To Person Than What Meets the Eye ...
But Your Looks Alone Got me On Stand Still. See Your Why...
A Man Would Go Out His Way For Greets & Byes..
But The Cutest Thing About You Is Your Petite & Shy..
Pretty Smiles, Personality And More..
Love Is War & If Good Looks Kill You Make Casualties For Sure....

Sunday, June 27, 2010


Countin Cash Paper Cuts

"Make The Money, Dont Let the Money Make You"....

Friday, June 25, 2010

Read & Apply Pt.1

3 Quotes I Follow

"The purpose of life is a life of purpose.
You only live once, but if you work it right, once is enough."

QUOTE #2..
"We were given two hands to hold, Two legs to walk,
Two eyes to see, two ears to listen, But why only one heart?
Because the other one was given to someone for us to find"

QUOTE #3...
So Dont Count The Days, Make The Days Count

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Bored Night On Twitter

Thoughts At Night

Come live in my heart Rent Free
I'll Cater to You Sweety Im Your Fonzworth Bently
You Just Tempt Me, To Move to Fast At My Best Speed
But I Aint Tryna Crash & End Bad thats a Pet Peeve
Im Tryna Ride Smooth Like You Met Me on a Jet Skii
Lets See! To Me Your More than Great
Your the Bowl to My Frosted Flakes lol ;-D
The Top Student To My Morgan State
But If Your Not Ready Now I Can Afford To Wait
Cus Us Being together i Aint Tryna Force the Date